How to make the most of your bridal makeup and hair trial!

You are engaged to the love of your life, and your starting to lock in details and dates to say your “I do’s.”

I'm writing a short blog to help you understand what a trial is and how to get the most of it.

Your trial has two main purposes:

  1. Get to know you makeup artist and hair stylist. Make sure he/she is someone you like and trust and would enjoying spending your morning and afternoon with. See if you like their work and get a feel for who they are. Let them get to know you, that will help them understand what you want to achieve in your look.
  2. Figure out what you want! You need to see your ideas on to see your face, to decide if it is what you really want. See your hair style on yourself before the big day. If you only see it on the day and don't like it, it may not be the fault of the MUA or hair stylist perhaps you just haven’t picked what you are really after and what compliments you and your style (sometimes it is the MUA or Stylists fault, so all the more reason to do a trial!)

So booking a trial is a great idea.

When do you book your trial?

It is better to not to book your trial a year in advance. It is too far away. Research and look  up the work of the artist to see if you like what they have done and book your trial 2-3 months ahead. 

Be aware though dates can book out fast for any good MUA and hair stylist so be prepared that you may need to put down a deposit to lock them in for you.

Top Tips.

Spray Tan: If you are planning on having a spray tan on your big day which I highly recommend to get your skin to glow and look more even, have the tan on at your trial!

Hair and makeup: Get the trials done together if possible or on the same day, see it together. One without the other just doesn’t look right and it is hard to get the full picture of what it will look like on the day, unless you see it together.

Clothes: Wear white or a similar shade to your dress. Colours can clash or compliment each other, what you wear is going to bring out certain colours. Something as simple as wearing white can help you see your bridal look come together. Bridal makeup has to have enough colour to compensate the whiteness of  that dress.

Pictures: Find picture of what you like and don’t like.  A picture paints a thousand words and sometimes it is just easier to show than describe your ideas. Although, unless the picture is of you, don’t expect it to look exactly the same but rather use it for inspiration for your own look.


Skin: The health of your skin is so important. Learning how to look after it and treat it can add to the flawless look of your day. Your MUA or beautician, or doctor can help you find a skin care routine that will enhance your look.

Light: Please get your makeup done with good lighting, not fluorescent lighting or too dark. Try to arrange a time when sunlight is available, a nice well lit room with planty of natural sunlight is best.

Too trendy: Don’t try too hard to follow small makeup fashion trends. Timeless looks and class should inspire your outcome for the day.

Different: Don’t be scared to use colours that you don’t in your everyday look. You do get washed out by your dress and in photo’s. You still want to look yourself, but you don’t want to look like you do every day going to work.

Time: Lastly do not rush. Weather the trial of the day give your makeup artist the time they need to get you done with skill and without the rush or a poorly planned morning.

At the end of the day, you want to look and feel your best. If in anyway you are not happy with MUA or stylist you need to say something or change. It is your day, and they are there to help you achieve your wedding dreams. 

Zoe x